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The Masterson Method Equine Therapy

is a new application of The Masterson Method® integrated equine performance bodywork as an activity to benefit both therapy horses and people or clients. Clients learn the simplest techniques and principles of the Masterson Method to help release neuromuscular tension in the horse in a structured and supported setting. In the process, clients gain self-awareness, a sense of mindful presence, and increased connection with the horse while therapy horses gain the benefit of relaxing bodywork.

It’s a win-win!

Populations that have benefitted

Pioneering Masterson Method Equine Therapy Specialists (MMETS) have thus far worked with at-risk youth, veterans, and people with eating disorders or recovering from addiction—however, we expect this list to grow. They have observed clients who practiced the Masterson Method become more relaxed, focused, and connected in their interaction with their horse (see Testimonials).

With training in Masterson Method Equine Therapy, equine therapists, coaches, and horse handlers will be able to add simple Masterson Method bodywork techniques to their repertoire of equine-assisted activities.

Learn more in the About MMET area.